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Download Counter-Strike 1.6 WinRar
Download CS 1.6 WinRar

CS 1.6 WinRar

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Download CS 1.6 WinRar
Download CS 1.6 WinRar      Download Counter Strike 1.6 WinRar

Downloaded: 23909


This page will let you download CS 1.6 Winrar, which means you can download Counter-Strike in a useful archive which you can easily unpack whenever you want or even start the game right from it, although we don't recommend it. We will talk about all the details very soon, but now we would like to let you know that you can get the game via direct link or torrent. Both ways work well, still we suggest you pick the direct load since it's the most efficient and fastest way to receive the game.

It's time to talk about all the essential features of Counter Strike 1.6 Winrar. The only thing changed in this version of the game visual-wise is the background of main menu. The new picture looks very interesting and is certainly more nice than the original one. The rest of the game is the same as the classic edition. Therefore this CS is perfect for all the players who like the clean version of the shooter. Plus it's great for any beginners and pro players.

The main feature of this download is that you don't need to install it. All you have to do is download CS Winrar, unpack it and it's done. You can start playing right away. We recommend you still put it in the Games directory and create a shortcut. You can easily do it right-clicking the hl.exe and sending it to desktop. Than you modify the shortcut and add -game cstrike after the hl.exe in the settings. You can also change the icon, just choose the appropriate option and then browse to cstrike/game.ico.

In addition to everything that has been said, this edition includes bots, internet servers browser, a great protection from malicious scripts and a very stable gameplay. It's essential to notice that there's also a launcher that you can use to start the game right away without any shortcuts. It has an additional "safe mode" option that can be used in case of something goes wrong. In the menu you can also find a "random server" option that can be used if you don't have time to look up a server yourself.

Download CS 1.6 WinRar Download CS 1.6 WinRar Download CS 1.6 WinRar Download CS 1.6 WinRar Download CS 1.6 WinRar Counter Strike 1.6 hd Edition CS 1.6 WinRar Counter Strike 1.6 WinRar download

  • New design
  • Original skins
  • Original models
  • Winrar archive
  • Bots (Controls: H)
  • Garanteed to run on Windows 10+ and other versions
  • 100% Anti-Hacking protection
  • Unlimited download speed
  • Fast installation (less than a minute)

Download CS 1.6 WinRar

Download CS 1.6 WinRar Download Counter Strike 1.6 WinRar

Downloaded: 23909

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