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CS 1.6 AimPower

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Download CS 1.6 AimPower
Download CS 1.6 AimPower      Download Counter Strike 1.6 AimPower

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We are glad to introduce to you a new amazing version of CS and let you download CS 1.6 AimPower — latest awesome edition of the game that has a lot of cool improvements and uses the latest 9211 build which is why it's a perfect one for those who like the new build but want to try something other than an original version. We will talk about it in full detail really soon but now want to point out that you can easily download CS 1.6 via direct link (the fastest and most convenient way to get the game) or via torrent file (if you are a uTorrent user).

Now it's time to talk more about CS 1.6 AimPower. After we start the game we are welcomed with a great new design of game menu: amazing background picture, a nice color scheme and a cool soundtrack. But let's start up a new game and check out the gameplay. Here we see other new things: player models are updated and now it's too different choices. Blue soldier for CT and a red one for T — with these type of models it's now very easy to distinguish from teammate and enemy.
Weapon skins are new as well and they look very much like the classic ones but textures are modified and therefore they look more modern and nice. HUD and radar are also new and they look fantastic. It's much more fun to play with these updates, so we recommend to download CS 1.6 AimPower right now and enjoy a quality gameplay. Of course thanks to the build 9211 there are great new features like avatars, HP and money in the scoreboard.

Aside from all that, there's also smart bots that we can play with offline. A convenient menu helps to set the right configuration like players amount, weapon mode, difficulty and much more. If you prefer playing online, there are hundreds of awesome servers waiting for you in the browser. A powerful protection makes sure you're 100% safe while playing on the internet. And if you want to join some heavy mod like Zombie additional resources will be downloaded within seconds thanks to the new build.

CS 1.6 AimPowerCS 1.6 AimPowerCS 1.6 AimPowerCS 1.6 AimPowerCS 1.6 AimPowerCS 1.6 AimPowerCS 1.6 AimPowerCS 1.6 AimPower

  • Amazing new design and atmosphere
  • New weapon skins
  • New player models
  • New HUD and radar
  • Latest Build 9211
  • Smart bots to play offline
  • Powerful protection
  • Avatars, HP and money in scoreboard

Download CS 1.6 AimPower with Bots

Download CS 1.6 AimPower Download Counter Strike 1.6 AimPower

Downloaded: 2247

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