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If you consider yourself a gamer especially the one who enjoys a good First Person Shooter, then you've most likely heard of Counter-Strike while the chances are, you came here to download CS 1.6. The game is by all means a legend and a father of so many modern multiplayers with similar task: to eliminate enemy's forces, but probably not as quite unique as CS is. If you're a modern day kind of player, then you've probably already played Global Offensive (because you can download CS GO free on Steam these days) - the latest version of CStrike that came out in 2013 and gained an insane amount of popularity very fast.

In the current gaming landscape there hardly is one player who enjoys a good first-person-shooter and never heard about Counter-Strike - a truly legendary game of our time. And having you come to our website, it is a safe bet you're here to download CS 1.6 - the best version of CStrike till this day. And if you think it's a bold statement we will elaborate. Yes, CS 1.6 is over 20 years old at this point, but it's popularity is still higher then many other similar games. Even with the release of Global Offensive, that older version is still extremely famous and literally thousands of people download Counter-Strike 1.6 every day.
«Our website has 174 amazing CS 1.6 versions»
And that is exactly what we supply you with: a great stable fully up-to-date protected version of CS. At this moment we have well over 60 different CStrike editions, each one of them being first class experience for any kind of needs. More over, new versions come out on a monthly basis, so even if you find enough time to try each and every one of them, feel free to come back a bit later for more. We follow all of the current trends, which is why we have such options as CS 1.6 Zombie Edition, CS 1.6 Half-Life edition and even such amazing products like Among Us edition and Fall Guys edition. Become our recurring visitor and we will not disappoint you!

A part of our success we fully dedicate to you, visitors as we listen to your ideas all the time, all you have to do is comment what version you want us to make next and we might just do it. That practise not only helped us to deliver the versions of CS you want, but also kept us relevant throughout the modern trends. Our website is constantly evolving: we listen to your ideas, we improve our design, we update our existing editions and design better ones. In other words we made it our number one priority to let you download CS 1.6 of your dreams. Having been around for over six years we built a well-developed trust and therefore you can easily rely on us to bring you the best quality product.
counter-strike 1.6
But enough about us, it's time to let you know about the game itself, just in case you still didn't try Counter Strike 1.6 and are interested about what it's all about. Well, the idea is pretty simple: a good old bad vs evil scenario, this time it's terrorists against, you guessed it, counter-terrorist. Players are divided into two teams (TT or CT) and then each team has a certain task depending on a map. Most popular map types are DE_, CS_ and AS_, although first two take up 99% of the gameplay nowadays. Main tasks on DE for terrorists: plant the bomb and detonate it, while CT's job is the opposite: not let the bomb to be installed until the end of round or defuse it after it had been planted.

CS maps have quite a different goals. For CS it's rescue the hostages, being kept in specific locations (mostly in a room or sometimes in different rooms) of a map while terrorists must protect them from being rescued at all cost. In a case of hostages dying, the only way to win a round for counter-terrorists is to eliminate everybody on the other team. The last one AS is meant for rescuing the VIP player who is a member of CT team. The idea is to for CTs to ensure a safe way for VIP to get to the rescue point (which is usually a helicopter). Meanwhile, terrorists' main job in to eliminate the VIP player or at least not let him to get away until the end of the round.
Download CS 1.6 | Counter-Strike 1.6 Non Steam
Download CS 1.6

CS 1.6 Clean Edition

This version of the game is an exact analogy of the steam Counter Strike 1.6. It includes original models, sounds, sprites and design. Download CS 1.6 of our website to get a client with powerfull protection from malicious scripts and files will make it safe to play without a fear of an admin damaging it or being injected with Autoconnect or a GameMenu hack.

We recommend this version to all classical gamers especially for those who prefer orginal gameplay over mods.

Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Counter Strike 1.6 Counter Strike 1.6 Counter Strike 1.6

  • Original player models (Steam)
  • Classic version of Counter Strike 1.6
  • Bots (Controls: "H")
  • Garanteed to run on Windows 8.1
  • 48 proto
  • 100% Anti-Hacking protection
  • Unlimited download speed
  • Fast installation (less than a minute)

Download Counter Strike 1.6

Download game CS 1.6 counter strike
CS 1.6 Insane Edition
This edition is your chance to Download CS 1.6 that is not only the most recent but also the most powerfull one. Due to your requests we have developed special player models that are easy to recognise: each team has its own color.

Powerful design of GUI and HUD brings gameplay up to a new level. Up-to-date unbreakable protection will make you feel safe towards malicious scripts and files.

Download Coounter Strike 1.6 cs 1.6 download cs 1.6 cs 1.6 non steam Download CS 1.6 full Download CS 1.6 full Download CS 1.6 full Download CS 1.6 full

  • HD player models.
  • HD hostage models
  • HD weapons and hands models
  • New radar
  • New textures
  • 15 new sprays
  • New design (GUI, font, etc)
  • Five professional CFGs to choose from (+standard)
  • Bots (Controls: "H")
  • Garanteed to run on Windows 10 and earlier versions
  • 48 proto
  • 100% Anti-Hacking protection
  • Unlimited download speed
  • Fast installation (less than a minute)

Download Counter Strike 1.6 Non Steam

Download CS 1.6 Counter Strike 1.6
Counter-Strike 1.6 Money system
The way the gameplay of CS is built, at the beginning of each round players are give some time (usually 15 seconds) to purchase their own weapons via buy menu. In order to get these weapons we need to have some in-game capital. The default amount we get at the very start is $800 which will allow us to buy a pistol but isn't nearly enough to get a rifle or even a shotgun. That is why we need to earn that money via eliminating enemies and completing certain tasks some of which were discussed earlier. The whole reward system isn't hard to understand but is essential to learn, hence, here it is:

  • Killing an enemy: $300
  • Winning team reward: $3250
  • Losing team reward before timer ends: $1400
  • Winning by detonating C4: $3500
  • Winning by defusing C4: $3600
  • Planting C4 reward: $800
  • Winning by hostage rescue: $3600
  • Eliminating VIP reward: $2500
  • Rescuing VIP reward: $2500
  • Rescuing a hostage reward: $1000
  • An attempt to rescue a hostage reward: $150

Penalty system:
  • Injuring a hostage: -$150
  • Killing a hostage: -$1500
  • Teamkill: -$3300

Gameplay modifications
Since the initial release of Counter-Strike in 1999 the game has evolved a lot and therefore nowadays there are different gameplay varieties which modify the very goals and tasks which players need to accomplish in order to win or score points. All of those mods are server based and don't involve any external add-ons aside from additional resources that are downloaded automatically at server join. Let's talk about the most popular and famous ones.

The most simple and original CS 1.6 gameplay, which we already have talked about. It mostly involves shooting down enemies and carrying out tasks like bomb plant/defuse, rescuing hostages and VIP players. This mod doesn't need any additional resources aside from maps if a server uses a non-standard one. Classic gameplay is the one you need to study first if you're a beginner.

Deathmatch (CSDM)
This is a pretty straightforward mod based mostly on the idea of shooting the enemies without carrying out any other additional tasks. After a player dies they get automatically respawned within seconds and the game is just one endless round. This type of modification came from games like Unreal Tournament and Quake - very fun, lots of shootings and constant pressure to reach the top.

This one is very similar to CSDM - a mod where you get respawned automatically. However, it's a lot more complicated then the previous one. In it, players race to take the lead by reaching new levels and finally winning by completing all of them faster than the rest. Each level provides a specific weapon: starting with the most simple pistols, players gradually move onto rifles, machine guns and finally grenade and than knife. That type of gameplay is very addicting and satisfying.

Zombie Plague
A mod based around games like Left4Dead: zombies vs people. It all starts with one of the teammates getting infected with the virus and transforming into a zombie. After that their job is to infect as many as they can essentially leading to world domination. Humans' goal is to eliminate all zombies before they can prevail. A very fun and interesting mod that is very popular right now, hence there are many amazing servers to play at.

Now this is a very unique mod, where the tasks are quite complicated. Players are divided into two teams: prisoners and guards. There are usually three of four times more guards then the prisoners. One of the guard - the warrant - gives commands to the other team which everyone must obey. If somebody decides not to listen to him, guards have a right to execute them. Every jailbreak map is a prison with cells, a yard and special places like a soccer field and other ones. The mod is very interesting and it is a lot of fun to play after you learn all of the rules.

This modification is also very popular. The main goal here is to finish the map while one of the players is put into a secured location from where they can activate special traps that will kill players who get into them. Upon finishing the map, players can easily eliminate the trap-activator. Nowadays, apart from that main task, there are different variations of gameplay. It could be a zombie day: terrorist turns into a zombie and is teleported on the players base from where he can run around and infect others. Invis day: terrorist becomes invisible and after teleporting to the base starts murdering players. There are many other days and all of them are fun to play.

This modification is similar to deathrun in its task: finishing the map. However, to play this mod you have to be able to surf which implies using inclined surfaces and jumping from one of them to another until the map is done. Another variation of surf is based more around shooting enemies while surfing around. Both types of this gameplay are a lot of fun and you should 100% try it.

Just like previous two, the main goal here is to run the map from start to finish. Only here you will need to be able to do long jumps from on surface to another. There is no shooting involved and these types of maps can easily be played in offline mode, however, it's always more interesting to do it with other players. There is a timer you can activate at the start so you will know which one of you finishes first.

This modification is based around the idea of hide and seek game: one team are chasing the other with knives, the other one are trying to run away. All maps usually have a lot of ladders and high surfaces. If you fall - you die. The idea is to outdo your enemies and get away safe. This type of gameplay is also a lot of fun and a must-play for sure.
counter-strike 1.6
These are the most popular CS 1.6 modification, all of them you can easily find in the server browser after you download CS 1.6 from our website. We make sure, we always have good servers there and try to provide as much diversity as possible. We are glad you visited our website and hoping you found what you were looking for. As we already said, we create new editions constantly, so make sure to come back once in a while and try something new!
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