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CS 1.6 ccET Show

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Download CS 1.6 ccET Show
Download CS 1.6 ccET Show      Download Counter Strike 1.6 ccET Show

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Today we're happy to present to you a brand new amazing version of Counter Strike and let you download CS 1.6 ccET Show — an awesome edition of the game that is perfect for those player who like original gameplay but want something new in it. And by that we mean that this CS has a lot of cool add-ons to offer but doesn't step away from the classic version too much, just the right amount. You can easily download CS 1.6 via direct link or torrent. First option is the easiest way to get the game and second is for uTorrent users.

Now it's time to talk about CS 1.6 ccET Show in full detail. Right from the launch we're welcomed with a great new design of game menu: a cool new background picture, an awesome soundtrack and nice color scheme. Great start, eh? But let's check out gameplay by entering a server. And here we immediately see new things: simplistic player models that improve the fps and make it easier to recognize the enemy from a teammate. But that's not all of course.
And by that we mean probably the main reason to download CS 1.6 ccET Show: new HD weapon skins. They are looking fine and we do mean fine. With such guns playing the game becomes such a joy that you won't want to switch to any other version, trust. Of course it's important to mention that this CS is using the latest amazing 9211 build that allows you, check that, see avatars in scoreboard. Yep, just like in Steam. HP and money is also in the scoreboard so, enjoy. Moreover, if you have a steam account, just keep it running and this CS will synchronize with it and show your steam avatar along with other steam users.

In addition to that there are smart bots you can play offline. A beginner? Well, than you have to start your CS journey offline, trust us, it's necessary. Once you get comfortable with bots, start up the server browser and pick one of the best servers we prepared for you. Powerful protection makes it 100% safe to play at any location you want. We have every mod you're looking for, from classic publics to zombie, deathrun and other ones. And if you stumble upon a heavy mod, don't worry, because this CS has super fast resources download speed and any zombie server connect won't take longer than 20-30 seconds.

CS 1.6 ccET ShowCS 1.6 ccET ShowCS 1.6 ccET ShowCS 1.6 ccET ShowCS 1.6 ccET ShowCS 1.6 ccET ShowCS 1.6 ccET ShowCS 1.6 ccET Show

  • New amazing design and atmosphere
  • New player models
  • New HD weapon skins
  • Latest 9211 build
  • Avatars, HP and money in scoreboard
  • Powerful protection
  • Awesome servers in browser
  • Fast resources download speed

Download CS 1.6 ccET Show with Bots

Download CS 1.6 ccET Show Download Counter Strike 1.6 ccET Show

Downloaded: 1578

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pls add more map and weapon ;)

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