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CS 1.6 Beta Edition

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Download CS 1.6 Beta Edition
Download CS 1.6 Beta Edition      Download Counter Strike 1.6 Beta Edition

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Today we introduce to you the very first version of Counter-Strike and letting you download CS 1.0 Beta Edition — a modified version of CS 1.6 that makes it look identical to the first edition of the game. It has a lot of interesting features that we are going to go through in the next paragraph but right now we have to let you know, you can easily download CS 1.6 via direct link (we recommend to use this method for the fastest speed and convenience) or via torrent (which a good way to get the game for the uTorrent users).

Now let's run through the essentials of CS 1.0 Beta. Right from the launch we immediately get the feel of the original 1.0 build. And it's all thanks to the new game menu look: amazing old-school background taken form original Counter-Strike first every version and a dark color scheme with sound effects from older CS. Now let's load one of the maps to check out what the gameplay looks like. Here we can see there are new maps which are actually old version of most famous maps we know today. There's cs_mansion_old, cs_italy_old, de_aztec_old and of course the most legendary de_dust2_old and de_dust_old.
As soon as the map loads we start noticing a lot of updates: original old-school player models taken from CS 1.0. Just these models alone create a unique and warm sort of nostalgic atmosphere. However that's far from being all. New weapon skins that are also taken from the first build of cstrike have an amazing look and feel with classic sounds too. The maps are great as well and complete the gameplay bringing us back to 1999 when CS went out as a free add-on to Half Life. But the most essential reason to download CS 1.0 Beta Edition is the fact that we don't need to choose between 1.6 and 1.0 anymore because this game lets you play on all of the modern 1.6 servers while visually feeling like it's Counter-Strike 1.0.

In addition to all of this epic stuff, there are also bots we can play with in offline mode. A very convenient menu helps to configure the right settings we need like difficulty, amount of players, weapon mode and more. If you feel like playing online, all you have to do is open up the browser and pick one of the many amazing servers that are waiting for you to join. A powerful protection makes sure the game and your PC are completely safe during online play.

 CS 1.6 Beta Edition CS 1.6 Beta Edition CS 1.6 Beta Edition CS 1.6 Beta Edition CS 1.6 Beta Edition CS 1.6 Beta Edition CS 1.6 Beta Edition CS 1.6 Beta Edition

  • CS 1.0 original design and style
  • CS 1.0 original player models
  • CS 1.0 classic weapon skins
  • CS 1.0 old-school maps pack
  • Bots are included
  • Hundreds of servers in browser
  • Powerful protection

Download CS 1.6 Beta Edition with Bots

Download CS 1.6 Beta Edition Download Counter Strike 1.6 Beta Edition

Downloaded: 8145

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