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Download CS 1.7

Counter Strike 1.7

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Download CS 1.7
Download CS 1.7      Download Counter Strike 1.7

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Today is truly a historical moment, because it is the day the new version of Counter-Strike finally comes out. We are proud to present to you and let you download CS 1.7 - the newest freshest game edition to date. Of course it has a lot of new amazing improvements next to the previous CS 1.6 game and we will talk about all of them in full detail. However, now we would like to inform you that you can download CS via direct link or torrent. Both ways work well, but we still suggest for you to pick direct link because it's the most efficient way to get the game.

It is time now to look at Counter-Strike 1.7 in full detail. Right from the very start we are welcomed with a great design of the main menu: an amazing background picture, a powerful soundtrack and a new color scheme. Needless to say it looks pretty awesome and really shows a lot of promise. Upon entering a server we start noticing other new features: player models are improved graphically and have exploding heads on a headshot which looks really cool and brutal.

All weapon skins are fully changed: they look a lot like the ones from CS:GO, it's fair to say they look even better. Sounds were replaced and improved as well, so shooting these guns is a really satisfying experience. Another reason to download Counter Strike 1.7 is a great new amazing HUD that includes so much detail and seems much nicer than the one from the previous version. Also, the decals are new too, which means bullets leave better detailed holes and traces and that adds to the atmosphere too.

But perhaps the most important feature of CS 1.7 is new maps textures. Now all of the standard maps like de_dust2, de_train, de_cbble and many more have completely new textures in HD format that make them look so much nicer and create a fully new HD atmosphere of the game. Because of that graphics in cstrike 1.7 are on a different level from the previous version. Of course in addition to all of that there are bots, powerful protection from any malicious scripts and hundreds of different servers in the browser.

Download CS 1.7 Download CS 1.7 Download CS 1.7 Download CS 1.7 Download CS 1.7 Counter Strike 1.6 hd Edition CS 1.7 Counter Strike 1.7 download

  • Amazing new atmosphere and design
  • HD weapons models
  • HD map textures)
  • New GUI, HUD, Radar and more
  • Bots (Controls: H)
  • Garanteed to run on Windows 10+ and other versions
  • 100% Anti-Hacking protection
  • Unlimited download speed
  • Fast installation (less than a minute)

Download CS 1.7

Download CS 1.7 Download Counter Strike 1.7

Downloaded: 104301

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WHO ARE WE 2023-07-08 16:30:24
like cs go this mod

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ლუკა 2023-07-03 14:55:40
მაგარია  :D

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CS1.7 2023-03-20 09:56:38
wooooow it is very nice games   !;)

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your mom 2023-01-11 12:08:47
is good

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umythan 2022-12-15 23:27:11
siz 1.6 oýnamaň 1.7 oýnaň!  :cool:

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shahnawaz 2022-10-09 14:02:56

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