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CS 1.6 Ultimate

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Download CS 1.6 Ultimate      Download Counter Strike 1.6 Ultimate

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This time we are happy to introduce to you and let you download CS 1.6 Ultimate 2020 - a brand new version of Counter-Strike that has a whole variety of different new features, including skins, models, sounds, maps and so much more. This edition is perfect for players who like modifications so if you're one of them we suggest you install this CS right now. The game is easily downloadable via direct link and torrent - both ways work well but we suggest to use direct load because it's the most efficient method.

Now, let's take a deeper look at Counter Strike Ultimate. Right from the launch we are welcomed with a new design of main menu: an amazing background picture, a nice color scheme and an awesome soundtrack create a very unique atmosphere straight from the beginning. But let's enter a server and check out other features. For that reason we are going to pick a brand new map called de_dust2_2020 which is an exclusive modern version of popular dust2 location. After it's loaded we start noticing amazing new aspect of the game.
First of all, it's new player models: a fresh looking characters slightly resemble the original ones but overall very unique and cool. These kind of players are much more fun to play with. Weapons skins are also new and of course much better than the classic ones. Those guns resemble the weapons from CS Source but at the same time have a unique touch to them making them a joy to play with. Try shooting them and you'll notice a brand new sound effects and a nice firing sound - so much cooler than original.

The map itself is just amazing and looks like a modern version of de_dust2 if the game was released today instead of 20 years ago. Aside from all that there are bots, that can be played with at any location. If you prefer online gameplay, hundreds of servers are waiting for you in server browser. A powerful protection makes sure your gaming experience stays safe and secure, protecting the game client and your PC from any malicious scripts or viruses - another reason to download CS 1.6 Ultimate right now.

Download CS 1.6 Ultimate Download CS 1.6 Ultimate Download CS 1.6 Ultimate Download CS 1.6 Ultimate Download CS 1.6 Ultimate Counter Strike 1.6 hd Edition CS 1.6 Ultimate Counter Strike 1.6 Ultimate download

  • New amazing atmosphere and design
  • New player models
  • New weapon skins
  • Bots (Controls: H)
  • Garanteed to run on Windows 10+
  • 47/48 proto
  • 100% Anti-Hacking protection
  • Unlimited download speed
  • Fast installation (less than a minute)

Download CS 1.6 Ultimate with Bots

Download CS 1.6 Ultimate Download Counter Strike 1.6 Ultimate

Downloaded: 13721

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