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CS 1.6 Extra Edition

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Download CS 1.6 Extra Edition
Download CS 1.6 Extra Edition      Download Counter Strike 1.6 Extra Edition

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Today we present to you a brand new amazing edition of Counter-Strike 1.6 and let you download CS 1.6 Extra Edition — an awesome version of the game that includes a lot of cool modifications that you will definitely find very interesting. If you're one of those gamers who likes quality add-ons, that CS is just for you. It has a whole bunch of new things but still has a lot of original elements to it which helps preserve the classic feel of the shooter at the same time creating a brand new atmosphere. You can download CS 1.6 via direct link or torrent file, which one to pick is up to you.

Now it's time to talk about CS 1.6 Extra Edition in full detail. Straight from the very start we're welcomed with a new great design of game menu: an amazing background picture, a nice soundtrack and a fitting color scheme. Now, let's join a server and check out the gameplay. And here we start noticing new things: first of all, all default maps now have new HD textures which makes the CS world look much more modern and overall really interesting and cool. It almost feels like we're playing another game, like Source. However, the player models are fully original and that helps to preserve the classic feel of the game.
Another thing to notice and probably one of the main reasons to download CS 1.6 Extra Edition: new amazing weapon skins. These look very similar to the default ones but have new set of textures and therefore have a way more fresh feel to them. And the fact that overall they look quit similar to the classic ones, that in part helps to preserve the original Counter-Strike spirit. Also, important to mention that radar and HUD are new as well and that also helps to complete the overall atmosphere of this fabulous edition.

It's very essential to point out that this game is based on the latest build 9211 and has all of the important characteristics that this build carries. Firstly, there are avatars that you can set in the game menu. Later they are shown in the scoreboard (just like in Steam version) along with HP and money of other players. Another cool feature is an ultra high speed of downloading of additional resources which makes connection to any server momentarily. Bots are also present and you can play with them at any map in offline mode.

CS 1.6 Extra EditionCS 1.6 Extra EditionCS 1.6 Extra EditionCS 1.6 Extra EditionCS 1.6 Extra EditionCS 1.6 Extra EditionCS 1.6 Extra EditionCS 1.6 Extra Edition

  • An amazing new atmosphere
  • Latest build 9211
  • New radar and HUD
  • New weapon skins
  • Avatars, HP and money in the scoreboard
  • New HD textures for the default maps
  • Smart bots to play offline with
  • Powerful protection

Download CS 1.6 Extra Edition with Bots

Download CS 1.6 Extra Edition Download Counter Strike 1.6 Extra Edition

Downloaded: 2743

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