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Tactics for cs_assault — Best practices and secrets

CS 1.6 CS_Assault tactics

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Counter-Strike 1.6 is one of the most popular first-person shooter games, and the map cs_assault is a fan-favorite amongst players. The map has been around since the early days of the game and has seen many iterations. In this article, we will be discussing the best practices and game tactics on cs_assault. We will explain the map objectives for each of the teams, list the tactics for the terrorist team and tactics for the counter-terrorist team, and provide some tips for players to improve their gameplay.

Before we get into the tactics and strategies, let's talk about the map's objectives. The cs_assault map is a hostage rescue mission, and the objectives for each team are as follows:

Terrorist Team: The terrorist team's objective is to prevent the counter-terrorist team from rescuing the hostages. The terrorists can do this by either eliminating all of the counter-terrorists or preventing them from reaching the hostages within the time limit.

Counter-Terrorist Team: The counter-terrorist team's objective is to rescue the hostages and bring them to the rescue zone. The counter-terrorists can win by either eliminating all of the terrorists or successfully rescuing the hostages within the time limit.
Now that we understand the map objectives let's dive into the tactics and strategies for each team.

Tactics for the Terrorist Team:

The terrorist team has the advantage of being able to move quickly around the map and can use this to their advantage. Here are some tactics that can be used by the terrorist team:

Split Push: Another tactic that the terrorists can use is to split push the map. They can send a few players to the A bombsite to distract the counter-terrorists while the rest of the team pushes the B bombsite. This tactic can catch the counter-terrorists off guard and give the terrorists an advantage.

Hostage Rescue: In addition to planting the bomb, the Terrorist Team can also try to rescue the hostages. This tactic involves coordinating an assault on the Counter-Terrorist Team's position and escorting the hostages to the rescue zone. This tactic can catch the Counter-Terrorist Team off guard, especially if they are focused on defending the bombsites. However, this tactic requires careful planning and execution, as it can be risky if the Counter-Terrorist Team is well-prepared.

Sniper Nest: The sniper nest is a popular spot for terrorists to camp out and wait for the counter-terrorists to make a move. The terrorists can use this spot to pick off the counter-terrorists one by one and make it difficult for them to move around the map.

Smoke and Flashbangs: Smoke and flashbangs are essential tools for the Terrorist Team on cs_assault. Smokes can be used to obscure the Counter-Terrorist Team's vision, allowing the Terrorist Team to move in without being spotted. Flashbangs can be used to blind the Counter-Terrorist Team, making it harder for them to defend the bombsites or rescue the hostages. Using smoke and flashbangs together can create an even greater distraction, giving the Terrorist Team an advantage in the fight.
«Players should familiarize themselves with the map and its layout which helps to take advantage of its features»
Tactics for the Counter-Terrorist Team:

The counter-terrorist team has the advantage of being able to defend the hostages and the bombsites. Here are some tactics that can be used by the counter-terrorist team:

Defensive Setup: The counter-terrorists can set up a defensive perimeter around the hostages and the bombsites. They can use smokes and flashes to prevent the terrorists from pushing and pick them off one by one.

Aggressive Push: The counter-terrorists can push the terrorists aggressively and take control of the map. This can catch the terrorists off guard and prevent them from executing their tactics.

Bait and Switch: The counter-terrorists can use a bait and switch tactic to distract the terrorists. They can leave one player in a vulnerable position to bait the terrorists while the rest of the team is waiting to take them out.

Time Management: The counter-terrorists can use time management to their advantage. They can stall the terrorists and prevent them from executing their plan by wasting time. This can be done by delaying the terrorists' push or by rotating the players between bombsites.
Tips for Players:

Here are some tips that players can use to improve their gameplay on cs_assault:

Communication is Key: Communication is essential for success in Counter-Strike, and it's even more critical on cs_assault. Players should communicate with their team about their position, enemy movements, and tactics.

Map Knowledge: Players should familiarize themselves with the map and its layout. This can help them to navigate the map quickly and take advantage of its features.

Use Cover: Players should use cover to their advantage, especially when defending the hostages or the bombsites. They should avoid open spaces and try to stay hidden behind walls or boxes.

Aim for the Head: Headshots are the most effective way to eliminate enemies quickly. Players should aim for the head to take down enemies with fewer shots.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Practice is essential for improving gameplay. Players should practice their aim, movement, and tactics to become more efficient and effective on the map.


In conclusion, cs_assault is a fun and exciting map in Counter-Strike 1.6. The map's objectives require both teams to be strategic and tactical in their approach. The terrorist team has the advantage of speed and can use rush tactics, while the counter-terrorist team has the advantage of defense and can use aggressive pushes or bait and switch tactics.

Players should communicate, familiarize themselves with the map, use cover, aim for the head, and practice to improve their gameplay. To experience the thrill of playing cs_assault, players can download Counter Strike from our website ( and start playing. With the right tactics and practice, players can dominate on this map and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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