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Download Counter-Strike 1.6 Playtex
Download CS 1.6 Playtex

Counter-Strike 1.6 PLAYTEX

This version of the game is a brand new completely re-designed and improved version of CS 1.6 with a powerful pack of new models, music, sounds, GUI, professional CFG and a lot of other improved features.

Download CS at our website and you will get a client with the most powerfull protection from malicious scripts and files will make it safe to play without a fear of an admin damaging it or being injected with Autoconnect or a GameMenu hack.
Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6 Download CS 1.6

Oldschool player models
New Weapons models
New sounds
New design
Powerful CFG
Bots (Controls: "H")
Garanteed to run on Windows 8.1
48 proto
100% Anti-Hacking protection
Unlimited download speed
Fast installation (less than a minute)

Download CS 1.6 Non Steam

Download CS 1.6 Download Counter Strike 1.6

Downloaded: 11596

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